Ready or Not: Why Planning Now Beats Planning Procrastination

This article explains why it’s important for business owners to begin planning now for a future without the business rather than later. It also provides starting points for such planning. Click here to read more!

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

This article provides a process to help business owners avoid withholding important information from their advisors regarding their business future. Click here to read more!

How Much Is Success Worth to You?

This article presents the differences between the costs of planning and not planning for a successful business future. Click here to read more!

Building an Advisor Team That Works for You (Not Against Each Other)

Building a business is challenging enough as it is. With the right Advisor Team, you can focus on business challenges while your advisors create strategies that help you compound your success in the future. But how do you build an Advisor Team that works for you instead of against each othe …

4 Reasons Why Planning for a Successful Future Isn’t DIY

This article explains why planning for a successful business future isn’t a do-it-yourself project for business owners. Read More

3 Value Drivers You Can Start Installing Right Now

This article presents three Value Drivers business owners can begin installing right now, along with what they need to properly install them as they build business value. Read More

Love Can’t Be Blind: Preparing for a Business Transfer to Children or Insiders

This article offers three things business owners should consider if they intend to pass their businesses to their children or insiders. Read More

Becoming More Recession Resistant Through Planning

This article provides three strategies for business owners that can help them become more recession resistant while planning for a successful business future. Read More

Addressing Apathy Among Managers and Key Employees

This article discusses ways to identify the causes of apathy among important employees, along with suggestions business owners can use to address them.   Read More

You’re Never Too Old to Succeed

Occasionally, successful business owners will say to themselves and their advisors, “I’m too old to start a multi-year plan for my future.” In many respects, this mindset is similar to saying, “I’m too old to succeed,” which is preposterous! Read More

Getting Good at What You’re Bad at

This article uses a fictional but representative account to show the consequences of calling on experts to supplement a business owner’s strengths.

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