Richard and Rona B.


“Michael, you came into our lives several years ago on a recommendation from a family member. For the first time I felt comfortable what your unique concept of financial planning. We had had several financial planners over the years who have made a slick, first impressions and then slowly faded into the sunset. That was not the case with you. You took the time to learn who we are, want we want and where we want to go. Now you are is integral part of our lives and part of our family. When we have a questions even ones that seem trivial, we have called and always gotten your honest advice. We are never rushed and together we have created a relationship based on mutual understanding. We have not only found a financial advisor but a friend who really cares. 

Michael, thank you for being the person you are. We hope you continue your well deserved success. “

Jason and Andrea K.


“Our family has had the pleasure of working with Michael and the Gold Family Wealth team for nearly a decade.  Their experience and market expertise continues to guide us in our wealth-building endeavors.  As our family has grown and as we hit new milestones in our lives, Michael and the team have been there with us every step of the way.  The team’s eagerness to get to know us on a personal level, which has allowed them to proactively help us achieve our wants and needs.”

Doreen R.


“I’ve always heard that things happen for a reason – meeting you when I did fell into that category.  When Jim and I meet you in 2016 it really was to satisfy a curiosity as to what a financial planner could bring to the table. To be honest, I was a little skeptical since Jim had done an amazing job with our portfolio. He was the driving force in wanting to move forward with you and your vision for our financial future. As you know, life threw me a curveball. Jim passed away a few months after our initial meeting. Without your guidance, compassion and friendship I don’t know how I would have moved forward. You have talked me off the ledge many times – I am so grateful for your insight and continued guidance. Jim was a very smart man – I am so glad that I listened to him!”

Linda T.


“It used to be that if someone were to put a spreadsheet in front of me, my eyes would glaze over.  In fact, I still often joke that “I do people, not numbers”.  But meeting you, Michael has changed that in lots of significant ways.  I’ve known you for over 20 years, and while I won’t say I’m a convert, I will say I’m much more educated and financially savvy.  You patiently and earnestly taught me about finance – not money, but finance:  how to think about values and goals and relate that to investing, how to connect life matters with financial planning, how to structure my financial life so that I am secure and protected, yet also free to be adventurous.  I’m so very grateful for your role as my financial advisor and trusted friend.”

Diane W.


“I first met Mike Gold right at the beginning of his career, in fact my late husband and I were among his first clients. His intelligence, eagerness to continually expand his knowledge and provide the best service was unquestionable from the start. From getting his MBA to constantly educating himself about new technology, new business trends, and importantly his creativity in coming up with new ways to help his clients. Mike is not content to just advise you about dollars and cents.  Mike is committed to helping every client achieve their business goals, and the personal goals that are affected by financial decisions.

Over the course of the almost 20 years that Mike has been my financial advisor he has been much more than that. He has been my trusted friend who has helped me stay afloat both financially and emotionally through some very dark times. After my husband passed away suddenly Mike was totally devoted to helping me navigate some very tough financial times. He was an incredible advisor and loyal friend. His very thoughtful process for finding out clients’ goals helped me chart a better path for my future as well.

Since I remarried, Mike has made it his business to get to know my husband and to understand who he is – and how to help him, and us move forward in the best possible way financially. Mike will always be a dear friend and someone I trust for his financial advice, his incredible insight and compassion. He is everything a financial advisor should be, and more.”

James Q.


“I met Nathaniel through mutual friends at a time when I was just beginning to understand the importance of financial planning.  I was turning 50, recovering from a bout with cancer, and generally coming to terms with my own mortality and a longing to make the second half of my life more rewarding than the first.

Nathaniel talked about his work at Gold Family Wealth and offered to arrange a no-pressure consult with his office.  My idea of financial planning up to that point had consisted of me trying to make sense of the generic calculator on my employer’s 401K website or reading online advertisements in the guise of articles that promised easy early retirements in exotic locations.  It was more financial daydreaming than financial planning.

To say that I am not one of the firm’s higher net-worth clients would be an understatement, and I remember feeling embarrassed and even ashamed about that as I headed into that initial consultation meeting with Nathaniel and Brandon.  Any such feelings were completely erased within the first few minutes. They made it clear that my time was just as important as any other client’s or potential client’s.  I’m proud to say that I did become a client.  Over the last year, I have met with Brandon and Nathaniel many more times and in some of those meetings, Michael (the Founder and CEO, Wealth Advisor) has personally joined in.  With their help and advice, I have started putting together a real plan for the future.  I purchased a new apartment at a great interest rate, partly with an award I received from the World Trade Center Fund, as my cancer had been related to 9/11 exposure.  I opened some higher-yield online banking accounts for other savings that I had previously left sitting in a local bank branch earning no interest.  Everything from picking a better credit card to thinking about estate planning.

No question has ever been too small, and I have never felt small.

Most importantly, I am working with the Gold Family Wealth team on a realistic path to early retirement that is grounded in planning rather than daydreaming.  Having a ‘second act’ better than my first is now more than a longing; it is an attainable goal.  But that’s only because Michael, Brandon and Nathaniel have been part of its design.  It’s not uncommon for businesses to be family-named.  But Gold Family Wealth puts the focus on how they can bring the client into that family.  Finance is often thought of clinically, in hard dollars and cents, when it’s in fact something extremely personal and intimate.  Behind every spreadsheet or account balance are medical issues and other sensitive life decisions.  These are matters for advisors but also for supportive families, and I now feel like I have access to both.  When I signed up with Gold Family Wealth, I became a client of the company and a member of the family.  That confidence is allowing me to embrace the next phase of my life with excitement rather than fear.”

Cheryl K.


“I have worked with Dan for 18 years, starting when he was a retirement representative for colleges and universities in New Jersey. In addition to being knowledgeable and always available, he really listens and serves as a calming, trusting presence during the market’s ups and downs. Dan really goes the extra mile to assist his clients. I have recommended him to several friends and colleagues and I know they feel the same way. Honestly, Dan is the reason I feel so comfortable in retirement.”

Kristine G.


“We were referred to Michael by a friend that my husband grew up with. We had interviewed other financial advisors but we felt very comfortable with Michael from day one. He spent hours with us explaining how things worked, answers all of our questions and is always available if we have a problem. He makes you feel as if we have been friends for years. He is always asking how our 3 children are has a sincere interest in the well being of our family. He has helped us put together a financial plan that would be best for the needs of our family. There were numerous hours spent back and forth and he always had time and patience for our questions. We have been talking about putting together a will for years but always put it on back burner because it felt like a very gruelling task. Michael set us up with a lawyer he felt we would have a connection with and he was part of the process every step of the way. He has taught us so much about the importance of a retirement plan as well as being smart investing our money. He always has our best interest in mind and takes the time to explain why he does things certain ways.

Michael has also helped us set up a charitable fund. We had wanted to do something like this for a long time but didn’t know how to go about doing it. He also made us see that we were not paying toward the principle of our mortgage. He helped set us up to re-finance, so we will now be finished paying off our house in 15 years.”

Charles B.


“I’ve invested with Michael Gold for almost 2 decades now, and during that time I’ve gone from actively running my own companies to retirement, while Michael has progressed through a couple of different firms, gaining experience, and has grown from a young customer’s representative to now running his own show.

What has kept me involved with Mike is that I’ve seen his knowledge and experience grow and even as his business has expanded, I’ve still received the same level of attention and pertinent advice as when I was probably one of only a few customers.  I still have the same level of confidence that he’s focused on my issues and problems and I can depend on his help and advice to make the right decisions regarding both investments and other issues.”

Susan & Steven G.


“We met Michael Gold early in his career on a recommendation from an estate planning lawyer.  Like many people, we were wary about entrusting our hard-earned savings to a person we barely knew.  It didn’t take long to recognize that Michael was not only skilled and talented, but utterly trustworthy as well.

Michael has guided us through pivotal periods of our lives.  He has always employed a whole-life, big-picture approach without overlooking short-term investment strategies.

Having met during the later years of our work lives, we were uncertain about meeting our retirement goals.  Michael helped us navigate our way, and by following his plan for us, we’re pleased to report that we’ve made it to a financially secure retirement.

You might think that the story ends here. It does not!  We continue to grow as Gold Family Wealth grows. In addition to managing our investments, Michael and his team are helping us by collaborating with expert estate planners, tax advisors and more. It’s this whole-life approach that makes Gold Family Wealth stand out from other financial advisors.

To sum up, as we said, we have grown as Gold Family Wealth has grown.  Michael has assembled a team of talented people that truly complement Michael and his business goals and ethics.  We’re grateful for the guidance we’ve received, and for the attention to our personal and financial needs.  We’ve recommended Gold Family Wealth to a number of friends and their feedback confirms what we’ve always believed- that Gold Family Wealth is the right choice for us!”

Steve T.


“I met Michael Gold through my wife after we married 10 years ago. She had been relying on Michael’s services for many years at that point, both for her personal financial needs as well as for her very successful business. He skillfully guided her through many financial and tax hurdles.

I was well versed in the financial markets myself, having been a registered rep early in my adult life. Since I was adept at the ways and means of financial markets, I initially kept my personal wealth separate from my wife’s portfolio. My trust would be hard to earn.

For two years I handled my own finances, while observing Michael’s skills, insight, resources, intelligence and close communication with my wife regarding her portfolio.

At each of life’s turns, I was impressed by his ability to navigate her financial issues. After considerable due diligence on my part, my trust had been earned and I asked Michael to incorporate my wealth into my wife’s portfolio and work with us both. I was one year from early retirement.

Since that time, we have both retired, moved from the east coast to Santa Fe, NM, bought and sold houses, dealt with family deaths, estate issues, taxes, insurance, and more. Michael and his associates at Gold Family Wealth have guided us through all of these issues and life phases.

With their advice and creativity, we have found efficient and productive uses for our wealth, while maintaining our desired standard of living.

Thank you, Michael, for your significant role in our gratifying retirement lifestyle. We look forward to a long, continued relationship.”