Meet Stephen


With a robust background spanning over 15 years in the wealth management sector, Stephen has recently become part of the Gold Family Wealth team. His professional path was set in motion after he graduated from Endicott College, initially embarking on a career as a financial planning consultant within an Advanced Solutions team at a top-ranked Fortune 500 firm. In this role, Stephen harnessed his expertise to deliver comprehensive financial guidance to a network of more than 300 advisors, working alongside a cadre of seasoned professionals.

For Stephen, his work transcends mere professional obligations; it’s a profound personal commitment. He is deeply driven by the creation and implementation of thorough, family-oriented financial strategies, all aimed at helping clients fulfill their most deeply held aspirations. His dedication goes beyond the mere mechanics of finance, delving into the realm of behavioral finance to grasp the subtleties of human behavior in financial contexts. Stephen’s approach is characterized by a consultative style that breaks free from conventional norms, offering bespoke advice that strikes a chord on a personal level and supports clients through the complex financial aspects of life with steadfast dedication.

Stephen’s life is rooted in Chatham, NJ, where he savors life’s simple pleasures alongside his wife, Marina, their infant daughter, Lina, and their loyal pet, Gino. His personal interests are as rich and varied as his professional expertise, including:

  • Cherishing moments with his family
  • Reveling in the tranquility of nature
  • Playing golf
  • Engaging in lacrosse
  • Exploring new places
  • Enjoying the world of music and art