Meet Michael

Our founder and CEO Wealth Advisor, Michael Gold, CFP®, MBA, CEPA, founded Gold Family Wealth to empower people to take control of their financial lives. An individual’s financial journey can greatly impact their emotional and physical well-being. Likewise, a family’s financial stability is the undercurrent that sets the tone and dictates the level of freedom and experiences they can share together.

Michael designed a proven process that has helped hundreds of people and families coordinate the ever-evolving landscape of their finances into a fully integrated and holistic plan that grows and matures along with them. The end result – calm, control & complete confidence in all aspects of their financial lives.

Michael has more than two decades of experience in financial planning. He earned his MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, specializing in quantitative finance and leadership. He also earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential.

He believes the key determinant of investment success is investor behavior. His goal is to help clients tune out the noise and stay on track to pursue their goals, as well as alleviate the overwhelming stress of fluctuations and risks of business, money, the markets, the economy, retirement, and health.

As a single dad of three, Michael is constantly on the move. Outside of the office, you’ll find him training in martial arts with his oldest son and coaching Little League team, training for their football and baseball games, shopping with his fashionable little girl or helping his youngest work through challenges with his speech.

Ever present in all aspects of his professional and personal life, Michael is well aware of the balancing act and that no one individual can maintain 100% in all areas of their lives. You need a team of professional advisors around you that you can trust on in the most critical areas so you can focus on what you do best and where you are needed the most. Your finances are an integral part of the machine that keeps your life and your family’s lives moving forward, but it does not have to be your daily burden. Between his tireless passion towards his work, clients, his team and his ongoing pursuit of knowledge and innovation in the industry, your financial future and stability will be secure and in capable hands with Gold Family Wealth.


Favorite food:


Best piece of financial advice received:

Save and invest at the very least the first 10 cents of every dollar you earn.

What motivates you:

Inspiring people

Something on your bucket list:

Play golf at Pebble Beach and Augusta National with my kids when they grow up

Biggest accomplishment:

Building a loving and caring family