Gold Nuggets: Valuable Financial Tips From Wealth Advisor Michael Gold

Everyone loves a success story. Michael Gold, founder and wealth advisor of Gold Family Wealth, is one of those stories. He grew up in a tiny apartment in Queens, sharing a bedroom with his older sister. He struggled throughout his youth, trying and failing to overcome lackluster education …

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For Michael Gold, president and CEO of Gold Family Wealth, clients become family. He is on a mission every day to enrich their lives and enhance their experience by delivering massive value in helping them realize their financial goals, while working to preserve and safeguard their wealth. …

Why You Might Need To Fix Your Family Trusts

“Trusts can be very powerful tools to transfer and protect family wealth for future generations,” says Michael Gold, president and CEO of Gold Family Wealth, a leading wealth management boutique. “Sometimes families end up becoming unhappy with their trusts because they proved to be the wro …

Why Many Entrepreneurs Are Missing Opportunities To Maximize Their Wealth

One of the driving forces behind much of entrepreneurship is the possibility to become affluent. There are certainly other strong motivating factors such as the desire to be creative and being in control. Still, becoming wealthy is regularly near the top of the list. However, in study upon …

When A Single-Family Office Is Not A Good Fit

With the tremendous increase in private wealth, family offices are multiplying. A substantial number of the super-rich (net worth = $500 million or more) and those somewhat less affluent are setting up single-family offices. “It’s mainly about extreme customization, control, and the ability …

What Is A Virtual Family Office?

For the exceptionally wealthy, the single-family office is – for the most part – the preferred way for them to coordinate their financial and personal affairs. In general, the expertise provided by a single-family office is wealth management (investment management and wealth planning) and s …

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