Introduction to Value Drivers

I remember the excitement of starting the search for my first home. I was proud that I had diligently planned and saved and could now provide a home for my family, my indoctrination into adulthood.  I searched the real estate sites and apps relentlessly. I had my list, contacted a real esta …

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The Value of Combined Experience

Not all wealth management firms understand the importance of pushing past archaic systems. In this short video, Michael and Steve have a conversation about how Gold Family Wealth is excelling without being shackled to outdated paradigms.

The Next Five Years

What does your five-year plan look like? For Senior Wealth Advisor Steve Johnson, controlling his own destiny is at the top of his list.

Alignment of Values – Behavioral Finance

In this short video, Michael and Steve discuss the importance of holistic approaches and factoring in behavioral economics when considering wealth strategies for clients.

The Inefficiencies of Having Multiple Financial Advisors

In just the past year, our team has conducted over 800 meetings with clients, new families and individuals to do preliminary planning work to determine if we can help them and if we bring them on as private clients. Throughout these meetings and interactions with so many people looking to t …

Investing During Global War Conflicts: A Look at the Israeli-Hamas Conflict

I write this with a heavy heart as one of my favorite places on this earth, Israel, was heinously attacked by Hamas, targeting both military and civilians in the most barbaric ways, which looks like the playbook from ISIS terrorists. This unprecedented massacre triggered a severe military r …

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