Introduction to Value Drivers

I remember the excitement of starting the search for my first home. I was proud that I had diligently planned and saved and could now provide a home for my family, my indoctrination into adulthood.  I searched the real estate sites and apps relentlessly. I had my list, contacted a real esta …

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Why Steve Chose Gold Family Wealth

Senior Wealth Planner Steve Johnson feels like the financial industry is at a crossroads. He explains more in this video with Michael.

A Better Way

Senior Wealth Planner Steve Johnson joined Gold Family Wealth because he knew he’d have access to the solutions his clients need. He explains more in this video featuring Steve and Michael.

It’s the People

In this video, Senior Wealth Planner Steve Johnson explains why he’s excited to join Gold Family Wealth. Hint: it’s the people.

How We’re Different

Holistic and comprehensive financial planning can make a huge difference in client outcomes. Michael and Steve discuss why in this brief video.

Investor Behavior

What does turbulence on a plane have to do with investing? Listen to Michael and Steve discuss investor behavior in this short video.

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